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Organize your bookmarks
and create a custom homepage today
Portalpanel is a customizable homepage that features four tools packed in one convenient web-based application. Go ahead, grab your account - it's free!
Online Bookmarking
Say 'no' to plain boring links by turning your bookmarks into labels with images. Save and organize YouTube and Vimeo videos, shop on eBay, and stay connected to your social networks directly from the PortalPanel dashboard.
Rss Reader
All the news that fit to read: choose what, when, and how you read. Add your feeds or choose from our suggestions. No technical knowledge required and you can get started in minutes.
Take our Virtual Tour to see how PortalPanel can spice up your homepage
Virtual Tour
It feels so real you'll want to smell it. The calendar mimics the look and feel of an old-fashioned executive day planner, but there's nothing old-fashioned about the tool itself. It features tasks, to-do lists, alerts, and a neat area to jot down your brilliant ideas.
Find what you're looking for with zero distractions. Think of the library tool as a modern library catalogue and a search engine combined without the noise of ads or sponsored results.
Watch the video to see PortalPanel in action